Welcome to Mystic Rainbow, Carol Roper experienced spiritual healer, Norfolk

The Rainbow seen to many as a sign of hope in troubled times. We all need a path leading us to hope especially when we feel disconnected from the world around us. Often this disconnection can happen due to a crisis in our lives, bereavement, ill health or just not knowing or being confused about which path is the right path for us. We all have the power within us to take control of our destiny and be happy and content, but most of us find this to difficult therefore we struggle achieve our true potential. Guidance and support from holistic therapies strengthen us so we can take control of our lives and go forward.

Through Mystic Rainbow, Carol Roper experienced spiritual healer offers you the tools through holistic healing and spiritual guidance to give the confidence needed to  bring you into the light to help you shine and the self-belief to cross the bridges and find beauty and peace within your life.

Whatever your dream you can follow it. You will find that you gain strength from your weakness and learn valuable lessons from ‘what life appears to be throwing at you’. It is never too late to help yourself, as life can start right if you take a small step and go on a new journey:

Start your journey with some guidance from a Combined Absent Tarot & Numerology Reading £25.00

Just email your full name, date of birth and pay online for an insight that could guide you back on your path to happiness, success, and inner peace. Ask a question about anything that you feel may be blocking your path.